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This is the little corner of Dinesh, where you can find his thoughts, work and anything else he wants to share.

Announcing HDZero Logo Creator

Just a little tool I use to create boot logos for my HDZero VRx

HDZero Logo Creator

I have been an avid FPV Racing Enthusiast and been flying HDZero for almost a year.

I found the current way of customizing the boot logo clunky, so I have patched the popular browser paint program: miniPaint to support HDZero file format.

The HDZero Boot logo File format is basically:

  • File name should be LOGO.ME
  • Image dimensions should be 720p
  • Image format should be bgr565le

Funnily enough, this is one software I consider “complete”. It meets all the requirements I had for it. There’s nothing more I want to add to it.

Without further ado, check out my HDZero Logo Creator